home-daveDavid Freedman is a busy feature writer / director and often, fixer. In the words of Pulp Fiction’s Mr Wolf, “I solve problems.” Sometimes there’s a metaphorical decapitated man in the back seat (perhaps needs a page one rewrite, total recast or pipeline fix). Other times it’s just a bit of gum in the upholstery (maybe just a quick script tweak). It depends. Every job is different but yes, David makes house calls. Last year he split his time between London, LA and China. Have laptop will travel.

David started in stand up, which led him to be a BBC radio presenter, where he was asked to gag write for a TV chat show, which led to live action script writing, which thanks to his mild obsession with cartoons (mild?!) he wound up writing for animation, which led to developing, directing, and more writing for clients including Aardman, BBC, Disney, Fox, Gaumont, iTV, Universal.

The rest is history. David loves animation and he’s never looked back, apart from just now to type this brief bio in the third person.