Not the full c.v. but this is the latest with some old favourites. For a full c.v. please e-mail me.

When Marnie Was There
Studio Ghibli, Japan
Screenplay Adaptation; English version.
Featuring: All star cast including Hailee Steinfeld, Kiernan Shipka, Cathy Bates, John C. Reilly, Vanessa Williams, Catherine O'Hara and Ellen Burstyn.
Director - Hiromasa Yonebayashi

Oscar Nominated – Best Animated Feature Film, 2016
Kapers Animation, I Heart Cinema, Iron Box Films
Writer, Director
Delivery expected 2020, based on the stories of Rumbuck & Spink by Richard Wyatt.
Mary and the Witch's Flower
Studio Ponoc, Japan
Screenplay Adaptation; English version
Featuring: Kate Winslet, Jim Broadbent, Ruby Barnhill
Director - Hiromasa Yonebayashi

Annie Award Nominated: Outstanding Achievement for Writing in an Animated Feature Production
L’apprenti Pere-Noel
Gaumont Animation, France
Script Doctor – Co-Screenplay credit
Director - Luc Vinguerra
Only Yesterday
Studio Ghibli, Japan
Screenplay Adaptation; English version
Featuring: Daisy Ridley and Dev Patel
Director - Isao Takahata

“100% All Critics on Rotten Tomatoes. “Having watched it once in English, and once in Japanese with subtitles, the English version is not just excellent, it is better. Heresy, I’m sure, but the new script translation by David Freedman captures so much more nuance and emotion...” -
Ellie & The Christmas Creep
Fabrique D'Image
Screenplay based on the story by Sean McCormack. Director: Sean McCormack.
Up on Poppy Hill & The Wind Rises
Studio Ghibli, Japan
Consultant to English Dub Producer
'Thank You' in credits on The Wind Rises and Up On Poppy Hill.
Secret Animated Film
Ilion Animation Studios, Spain
Co-Writer with Giles New
We can’t reveal the title of the film, because a) it’s going to change and b) it really is a secret.  All we can say is it’s action packed comedy... and will be a visually eye watering spectacle.  From the people who made Planet 51. 
Yakari, The Movie
Dargaud | Millésime Productions
Page-One rewrite from previous script. Based on the Belgian classic comic, by Derib & Job.
Spy Dog
I Heart Cinema
Adaptation of best selling book series by Andrew Cope, for its foray into features.
Best Served Cold
BBC Comedy Department
Co-Writer with Giles New & Keiron Self
Was cast with Peter O’Toole and Omar Sharif!! Ask me what happened next over a cup of coffee.
Magic Wonderland, The Movie
Zoland Animation, China
Brought in at final edit to rework as many scenes as budget would allow in 6 weeks, to help save the film, and make it possible for theatrical release 2014. Made back double its budget in the first two weeks.
Secret of Kells
Cartoon Saloon, Ireland
Story Consultant
To be honest, I'm still not sure what I did on this film, apart from scribble on the script and chuck in my two cents, but I got a thanks on the credits and an invite to the premiere in Dublin, so I must have done something and perhaps my two cents helped with the funding. Oscar nominated for best animated feature. Well done Cartoon Saloon! And thanks for the thanks. 
The Happy Prince
Caboom Animation, Ireland
Co-Written with Paul Mari
Not easy to adapt a morbid Oscar Wilde short story where the lead character is not only dead, but stuck high atop a plinth looking over the village. But we did it, and with musical numbers!
Ronja the Robber's Daughter
Studio Ghibli, NHK, Polygon Pictures, Japan; Saltkråkan AB, Sweden
Screenplay Adaptations, Voice Director; English version. “Serving as producer, director, script editor, music supervisor, and “on-the-ground” project manager on this complex project, bolstered by his good humour and patience forged out of a deep reservoir of myriad experience, David led us all – the production team, actors and musicians – to success, with warmth and confidence. I don’t want to imagine how I would have done this without him. If you can get David on your project, do it – don’t hesitate.” Jeff Wexler, Head of International, Studio Ghibli
Rubi Gets It Right
Zoland Animation
Series Redevelopment, Script Editor, Writer. A fun, smart safety series for pre-schoolers, which is a long overdue concept. Not only will this help reduce hospital visits but if you work out the sheer numbers in China, we probably saved a few lives. Some tricky social issues of child abuse covered as well. And on a lighter note I proudly introduced the word ‘Klutz’ into the Chinese language with the clumsy character, ‘Mr Klutz’, who got us around S&P minefields… and real minefields. Oversaw 32, and wrote 20 eps myself.
Groove High
Planet Nemo with Telegael for Disney Channel
Series Director
I was either the 3rd or 4th director to come on board.  We wrote and developed a lot ‘on board’ to fix story and build up the comedy. The Live action was also a joy to direct thanks to a stunning Telegael production team and the outrageously talented Samantha Barks and Jonathan Bailey. Now playing all over the world including China, for Disney’s Dragon Channel where they re-colored every character’s hair black. Every frame! It’s a fine and very funny show. 26 x 30’
Dennis The Menace & Gnasher
Red Kite & CBBC
How do you cast iconic characters? Just go for it and have fun. It is Dennis after all. 52 x 11’
Lucky Fred
Casting, Voice Direction, Punch Ups
Oh and I got to play Eddie, Fred’s far too perfect nemesis. Sold to over a hundred territories. 52 x 11’
King Arthur's Disasters, season II
Coolabi / CiTV / Nickelodeon
Series Director
Starring Rik Mayall, Matt Lucas, Morwenna Banks & Phil Cornwell  13 x 30’
Aaagh! It's The Mr Hell Show
Co -Creator, Co-Writer, Executive Producer with Alan Gilbey
Houston World Fest - best Comedy Series, Gemini Awards - best Animation Series, Leo Awards - best Animated Series, Annie Awards - best direction nomination 13 x 30'
Rex The Runt
Aardman Animation / BBC
Co-Developed and Co-Writer with Alan Gilbey
We developed it with Golly in a surreal game of consequences with one writer not seeing anything more than the scene written before him. Great fun. 13 x 5
Bob & Margaret
Nelvana / Comedy Central
Script consultant
On the first season of this multi award winning series made by the awesome creative team of Snowden-Fine. 13 x 26'
First Snow Of Winter
BBC / Silver Fox Films
Half hour TV special, for BBC1 on Christmas Day 1998 and repeated every year since. Prix Jeunesse - Best Children's Programme (0-6 fiction) 2000 The Royal Television Society - Best Children's Entertainment 1999 BAFTA - Best Animation for Children 1999 The Prix Danube - Best Independent Production 1999 And many more.
Cosgrove Hall / CiTV
Co-Development & Scripts
Mad-cap series starring Whoopi Goldberg, Joanna Lumley and Jane Horrocks. BAFTA - Best Animated Series 2000 British Animation Awards - Best Children's Series 2000  "For its humour, storytelling, characterisation and above all it's wit to surprise the audience, the award goes to Foxbusters." 26x11
Casper, The Animated Series
Co-writer, multiples.
Disney Channel
Disney Channel
Senior Development Manager, Global Original Programming Developed a slate of seriously funny projects.  Helped get several up on rails before the DC/Jetix Merger. Poacher turned gamekeeper for just over 2 years.
Short film by Richard Phelan
Story Consultant
A gorgeous film about a little beaver who thinks big. Multi award winning.
Lucy Loves You
Comedy Demon
Director and Co-Writer
For both her hit 2007 Edinburgh show and her online mini-series Lucy Loves You, which I also co-wrote with Lucy and Joel Jessup. Second highest views on Comedy Demon.
Red in Tooth and Claw
Weston Biggerstaff Productions
Script Doctor
Hit online series on it's own site, Joost, Unicorn and many others. Weston Biggerstaff combines animals, alcohol, and self-loathing for a truly wild experience.
Oh yeah… I ran a studio for a while.
Peafur Productions
Owner, Manager, Dogs-Body
I set up and ran Peafur Productions for the sole purpose of co-producing The Mr Hell Show and then Bounty Hamster. Since then I have set up ad hoc single purpose studios to service other productions for other companies.
The Old Lady & The Pigeons
Django Productions/BBC
Some words for a silent film
This is one of my favourite credits. How often can you say that you wrote dialogue for a silent film? I can proudly say that I did next to nothing on this wonderful film. But oh to have done something! Nominated for an Academy Award. The director, Sylvain Chomet, is a genius. I'm just pleased to have had a finger in it. Actually more like a fingernail. The finger nail of my smallest toe. But still...I did something on it.