I write songs in collaboration with others in a variety of styles. Quick turnaround and always happy to pitch. Get in touch to discuss your brief.

Premiered on Disney Channel in the US and worldwide, Autumn 2015. Eric and I had a blast with this one getting the vibe just right. It’s big, bold, and brassy, but still adorable.

I was given two days to come up with something. The dog had a loooooong walk and by the afternoon, a song was born.

Click with caution. This is painfully catchy. It was a pitch for Eone Entertainment for the SO SO Happy brand. Sort of an Anthem.

Viking Kong is a series in development with Kid Glove and The Ministry Of Animation. This song tells the tale of Vikings going the wrong way. A Beach Boys vibe mixed with some insanity.

We didn’t have a Unicorn in the design pack, but we did have a cow. And sometimes necessity is the mother of invention … and song writing. Samantha Barks belts out this silly love song written with Stuart Evans and Chris Bemand for Disney Channel’s Groove High.