Oslo process can sometimes be quite quick.


Helped restructure a wonderful film in Oslo. I can't say much more because of the letters N.D.A., but I can say we had 4 days to define character motivations, interactions, rules of the world, and then beat out an act a day. We worked in suitably wet weather, perfect for productivity… and then the sun came out just as we wrapped on day 4. It went like clockwork. Time to sit back, relax and admire the view. And what a view!

Screenwriter accidentally writes a book.


I never planned on writing a book, intended, plotted, planned or even dreamed of such a thing, but there you go, as Katie Perry almost said, I wrote a book and I liked it. This is an actor's re-creation of me pressing send on the final polish to my writing partner, Gareth Edwards for one last look before it goes to the publishers, the lovely Chicken House Books. I will now officially stop saying I'm too busy because I'm writing a book. 

Say 起司 !!!

china speech.jpg

A whirlwind tour of Asia, speaking at the University of Macau, and at an IP conference in Dongguan. Wonderful people. Amazing food, and very patient interpreters crammed into the booth in the back.

Animation is my bread & butter. Music is my jam.

I still very much, day in day out, write scripts for animation. But somehow songwriting is starting to become a steady sideline. Last week a new theme tune for an animated show, and this week working with RIDER (look her up on Spotify!) on a new pop song.

I still very much, day in day out, write scripts for animation. But somehow songwriting is starting to become a steady sideline. Last week a new theme tune for an animated show, and this week working with RIDER (look her up on Spotify!) on a new pop song.

Rubi Gets It Right now on air.

A while ago I went over to China to help ZN Animation with a show that teaches local children, all sorts of things including, how to avoid death. The show covered virtually every subject that an S&P lawyer would prefer you ignore, like blood, boogers, and oh a little thing called death… by poison, electrocution, earthquakes. Other topics include stranger danger, sticking your hands in an open fan, an open coal fire, a light socket, etc. Hey, this stuff is important. Wish we could do this sort of educational show in the west. Hope it saves some lives.

Behind scenes of The Big Bad Fox & Other Tales - English dub.

Studio Ponoc post!


In this day and age of emails and online everything, there’s hardly any post. But today came a package from Studio Ponoc with the blu-ray to Mary and the Witch’s Flower, AND a lovely hand written thank you note for our work on their very first feature. #class #oldskool. #StudioPonoc

Cast & Crew (family & friends) of English Dub team for Big Bad Fox Screening - Aug 3rd 2018


Thanks STUDIOCANAL for treating the English dub team of The Big Bad Fox to a wonderful private screening. A good time was had by all, (including friends and family who didn't know what to expect) and only I know the three lines I wish we could retake, but good lordy we pulled it off in record time. Thanks to all involved. And biggest thanks of course, to Benjamin Renner and Patrick Imbert, the directors of the film. It was a privilege and an honour to work on such a gorgeous, smart, outrageously funny film. We did our very best to look after their 'Pauline'. Those that see the film will know what I mean.

Big Bad Fox

It's a brilliant film, by Benjamin Renner and Patrick Imbert. And we got a brilliant cast to match. Matthew Goode, Celia Imrie, Adrian Edmonson, Bill Bailey, Phill Jupitus, Justin Edwards and Giles New as the Big Bad Fox! In Cinemas in the UK from August 3rd, and in the USA nationwide from October.

Cards, Cards, Cards.

Working on a film that is already in production but just needs some TLC of the plot here and there. This is what it looks like when blocking out a film. Strangely if the cards go up to the end leaf, the film tends to be bang on time. If the cards go over, the film is over length. If the cards fall short, the film is under. Therefore I can never get another kitchen table. Ever.

Pdrag_16.05.18 it begins.jpg

Mary and the Witch's Flower

The English adaptation of Mary was wonderfully received. Here we are at the cast and crew preview having a shameless selfie with our Mary, the very talented Ruby Barnhill.


L.A. & The Greatest Agent in the World!

I've had an agent in LA ever since I started in this business. This is him. He still looks younger than me, because he lives in LA.  I've often thought about moving there, but a lovely wife and adorable children, and quite frankly better weather keep me in London. But now thanks to Skype, Norwegian Air and a place in my friend's basement in Beachwood Canyon, working with LA studios has never been easier. It also helps that I have dual citizenship.



Before we go into the studio to record with the actors, first we have to figure out if what they're going to say will actually fit the lip synch. Rather than waste time with an educated guess, we do a 'scratch' record of every single line, with me and Lyn and here... John Paul Sutherland lends his dulcet tones to the Mary & The Witch's Flower dub.


Directing at Bafta.

I recently was directing real live actors on a real live stage for BAFTA's Rocliffe new writing showcase.  Three new writer's are chosen to have an excerpt of their work performed live in front of Industry Pros. We have a couple of weeks to prepare art and music, but then just half a day to rehearse with the actors and then the show goes on. 


Recording Ricky Zoom

We're in the studio recording a promo song for a new eOne series called Ricky Zoom. Can't wait to see it after it's animated. They say you should either always work with family or never work with family. If you're nephew has a voice like mine does, I'm going with always. 

Eric Renwart, co writer & Lev Freedman, singer

Eric Renwart, co writer & Lev Freedman, singer