Before we go into the studio to record with the actors, first we have to figure out if what they're going to say will actually fit the lip synch. Rather than waste time with an educated guess, we do a 'scratch' record of every single line, with me and Lyn and here... John Paul Sutherland lends his dulcet tones to the Mary & The Witch's Flower dub.


Directing at Bafta.

I recently was directing real live actors on a real live stage for BAFTA's Rocliffe new writing showcase.  Three new writer's are chosen to have an excerpt of their work performed live in front of Industry Pros. We have a couple of weeks to prepare art and music, but then just half a day to rehearse with the actors and then the show goes on. 


Recording Ricky Zoom

We're in the studio recording a promo song for a new eOne series called Ricky Zoom. Can't wait to see it after it's animated. They say you should either always work with family or never work with family. If you're nephew has a voice like mine does, I'm going with always. 

Eric Renwart, co writer & Lev Freedman, singer

Eric Renwart, co writer & Lev Freedman, singer